Learning the Principles

These series of talks by Brother Garth Maier:

  • reveal the power of study by Allegory | Type | Parable
  • show how to study and gain the wonderful benefits of Allegory | Type | Parable

Brother Garth refers to ‘The Bible Dictionary’ during his talks which can be viewed here and free copies can be ordered (subject to availability etc) using the contact and request page.

Study 0 Taste & See Yahweh is Good – Overview

Study 1 The Gospel and The Prophets

Study 2 Parables of the Kingdom

Study 3 Sacrifices of Yahweh

Study 4 The Tabernacle

Study 6 The Cities of Refuge

Study 7 The book of Esther | a worked example

Study 8 The Truth Affirmed

Study 9 The Altar Offerings

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